‘Cell (short film) Launch Project

‘Cell is the first episode of the three part mini-series, “Cell and Roman”. In this first episode, we meet ‘Cell, a young African American male, who’s welcomed home to a surprise party, after being released from prison. Roman, the successful musician younger brother, has organized a carefree evening of celebrating when an unwanted guest shows up, provoking ‘Cell to make a tough decision.

Featuring: Anthony Gaskins, Loren Amos, “Zook”, Kimberly Exum, Ashley Jeffery, and Carl Foreman Jr.

Produced By: Anthony Gaskins
Production Design: John O’Dwyer & Lori Youmans
Original Soundtrack: Joe Gileadi
Line Producers: Dante Clark, Lauren Petersen, Jacinto Romero, Samantha Miller and Jeff Lapaix
Sound Mixer: Tyson Dai
Story By: Craig “Zook” Davis
Directed By: Jhana Weekes

Produced by Unexpected Artistry
Shot on location in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY
Camera: Canon 7D