Rise (music video)

Filmed in the infamous, Southside of Chicago, Rise is a music video by Anthony Gaskins and PCPMedia. Featuring, Chicago native, Jonah B. Taylor and Anthony Gaskins.

Rise is a story about friendship, and the jealousy that it can often breed. Inspired by the Pulitzer Prize Award Winning play, “TopDog/Underdog” by Suzan Lori Parks, Taylor plays the role of, “Fev”, an experienced 3 card monte player that has a natural talent for the hustle. Gaskins who plays, “Lyrc”, is his right hand man, but has every intention to move into the top spot by out hustling his partner.

What happens when a friendly rivalry turns into a deep hatred? Will you rise above your ego to mend a tattered relationship?

Rise is brought to you by, PCPMedia.us