The Day After MLK, a Performance Art Exhibit


The Day After MLK is an interactive performance art exhibit intended to inspire, educate, and provoke discussion related to America’s history of Civil Rights and its relevance to modern society. Through an abstract exhibition, we tell a story, (beginning with the death of Malcolm X and continuing through to the to the death of MLK) in hopes to illustrate the relevance of this history to today’s world. We tap into the point of view of the Security Guards of Malcolm X and aim to portray what their inner experiences might have been after the death of their leader; both as black men and as Muslims, in 1960s America. While the stories of the Civil Rights movement have been told in many forms, we take a fresh, new approach and give a point of view that has rarely been explored before.

(Currently Schedule to Preimer at the Audobon Ballroom, April 2015)